No, they are separate entities with different functions.  Saheeh International is a small group of writers/editors who prepare Islamic texts for publication and at times publish under its name.  Dar Abul-Qasim is a publishing house and bookshop located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Saheeh International has always published its works with Dar Abul-Qasim, but the two became more closely affiliated when the Executive Director of Saheeh International took ownership of Dar Abul-Qasim in 2007.

Because Saheeh International also edits the other titles sold by Dar Abul-Qasim, we’ve decided to add all of Dar Abul-Qasim’s titles to the site as well.  (That page is currently under construction.)  Thus, the two sites have merged into one, although the organizations have not.