Most of those working in the da’wah field would prefer to distribute Islamic information free for the cause of Allah without copyrights, but the reality is that every publication has production costs – payments for typesetters, editors, graphic designers, office staff, printing, marketing and sometimes authors’ royalties.  Moreover, there are larger operating costs – renting office space and storage facilities, legal fees, advertising, etc.  Islamic publishers and bookshops pay as much for operating costs as any other business but often charge much less profit.  Thus, there is no option but to protect copyrights in order to continue production.

Copyrighted material is a trust that must be respected.  When people post a copy of a book on the net or share their purchased PDF copies by forwarding them to friends, they harm those involved in its production.  Actually, there is no difference between this and taking an item from a store without paying for it.  Thus, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in protecting these rights.

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